The legend of Ammolite goes back to the Blackfoot tribe of North America. Blackfoot Indian legend has it that the Ammolite sacred stone was a gift received from the gods.

The story begins amidst a severely harsh winter with a blizzard wiping out all the Blackfoot Indian’s food reserves. All the buffalo herds had moved on, and the crops had frozen up from the snow. A great famine besieget the people, and they were on the brink of starvation. Upon seeing the devastation that befell the Blackfoot people, the Great Goddess sent forth a message to the Indian princess in the form of a dream. In the dream, the Goddess directed the princess to a brilliantly colored gemstone, and told her: »Take this stone back to your tribe, for its magic will bring with it a huge herd of buffalo that will sustain you through the winter«.

The princess followed the instructions given to her in the dream. After days of intrepid and perilous travel, she found the stone hidden in a cave. She removed it and marveled at its brilliance. It was truly magnificent. The sunlight jumped and danced off of its rainbow colored skin, as the snow melted away from its smooth shiny surface. The princess hastily took the stone back to her people. The next day everyone was woken up by the earth quaking sound of stomping hooves. When coming out to see what had happened, the tribe found that a herd of over twenty buffalo had returned to pasture nearby. The people rejoiced at their salvation, and thanked the Goddess for her gift of the stone. Through the aid of Ammolite, the Blackfoot were able to survive that particularly harsh winter. And ever since, Ammolite has been commonly referred to as the »buffalo stone«, as it signifies wealth and abundance.