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Ammolite is very important not only in Western civilization, but also in Eastern culture. In the Orient, ammolite is called the «Kirin stone». The Kirin, a mythological creature with the body of a deer, the head of a dragon and scales, brings good luck to all who see it.

In the circles of Feng Shui experts, ammolite is called «scale of the dragon» and associated with vitality and power.

The many colours which give ammolite its glowing brilliance are also particularly important, as according to Feng Shui masters each of the seven colours of this fortune gem has a different virtue. Purplish red stimulates growth and energy; orange develops creativity and increases libido; green enhances wisdom, intellect and initiative; yellow increases wealth; blue eases access to deeper inner knowledge and purple enhances our spiritual development.

Depending on its size, luminosity, irradiation and location, ammolite can modify, improve and increase the local Ch’i (lifeforce) flow at home, at the office or at business.

Thanks to its natural formation, shape and colours, ammonite and ammolite contain a harmonious balance of nature’s five elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

According to Feng Shui (the art of harmonizing nature), these «wonders of nature» are jewels which guarantee health, quality of life, wealth and fortune.

From a scientific perspective, ammolite is the fossilized remains of a nautilus-like creature with the colours of the rainbow. Feng Shui masters believe that this gem of organic origin has absorbed the energy of the Universe, which is then radiated to bring health, wellbeing and enlightenment to its owners.